Sleep wins

Sleep is of vital importance for your overall well-being. A good night’s rest gives you more endurance, more energy and makes you feel prepared for what the day may bring. That is why BekaertDeslee Academy joined forces with several sports federations and their athletes to design the ultimate sleep performance textile for Tokyo 2020. The result is a mattress topper and pillow that boost your performance so you can push your body to the limit.


winners sleep

Athletes who seek to optimize their sleep quality at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo tested the Nightro® topper and pillow. Both the athletes as well as their performance coaches are fully aware of the importance of a good night’s rest to recharge and recover. Along with a nutritious diet and personalized training, good quality sleep is a decisive factor for success. You will certainly appreciate this smart athletic sleep strategy!

Nightro atleet
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The Nightro

The Nightro® pillow offers high quality sleep by combining the softness of Tencel with the ability to let you recover overnight using probiotics that produce anti-oxidants to keep you healthy. The bulky design and innovative shape of the pillow create the perfect sleeping environment for the best performance. The black piping and 3D mesh give it a sporty and breathable look.

Nightro topper

The Nightro

An eye-catching design with a linear gradient in black and white represent movement and dynamics while a soft, cool touch and zoned bulkiness let the athlete have a comfortable night’s rest. Besides, advanced textile technology reduces body voltage and the associated production of the stress hormone cortisol at night, resulting in a more reposeful night and
a body in balance.

Nightro mattress
Nightro mattress detail

The Nightro

Nightro® is a sleep recovery textile, engineered and designed to enhance your performance. A breathable fabric that keeps your temperature stable and helps you recover during the night are what makes Nightro® a valuable addition to athletes alike. With a view on the 2020 Olympics, we designed the Nightro® fabric in co-creation with some of Belgium’s star athletes in their respective fields.